Public Speaking/Presentation Coaching Services

Presentation Coaching

I will help you create your presentation. 
I will help you discover the best way to present it.
I will coach you word by word (delivery coaching). 

  • Subject and content development
  • Shaping your presentation to make room for  story (Storycrafting)
  • Illustrating your points (stories, multi-media, props)
  • Rehearsing/Mastering your message

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It's your speech, it's your copy, I merely help you capture it and convey it.

Every client is different and each project requires an individualized approach. Typically, these are the tasks associated with speechwriting and copywriting.

  • Attention grabbing opening (you have 5 seconds) 
  • Storytelling content development 
  • Speech/copy editing - if you already have a script
  • Audience analysis
  • Research
  • Fact checking
  • Multi-sensory/Multi-media Support
  • Significant Call-to-Action

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In order to be the best partner we can be we will interview you and make certain we can meet your needs and help you succeed.

We provide ghostwriting in the following areas:

  • Leadership Blogs
  • Printable handouts
  • Flyers
  • Study Guides 
  • Note Taking Guides
  • Book manuscripts 
  • Fiction 

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Design Services


We create custom multi-media presentations and props that will connect and engage with your audience.
We'll develop:

  • PowerPoint Slide Decks
  • Prezi Presentations
  • KeyNote Decks
  • JPGs for ProPresenter
  • Templates
  • Create using your corporate template
  • Print Media
  • Branded Social Media Images
  • Banners for Social Media accounts that turn visitors into followers and leads

We create pitch decks, videos and props that complement, support, and convey your message (without distracting or over-powering). It takes time and creative energy to package visual and audio support in a simplified manner that brings your content, personal delivery and imagery into one thoughtful orchestrated unity. It takes a team. We're ready. 

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Social Media Services

Build your platform and influence beyond the presentation!

We provide services in these areas:

  • Account set up 
  • Formatted social media images (branded)
  • Post scheduling and strategy
  • Blog writing
  • Blog editing
  • Blog posting
  • Building your audience
  • Analytics
  • Website / Blog Creation (through one of our development partners)

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