Are You Using the Most Powerful Tool You Have to Influence Others?

Storytelling is the most potent force humans possess. Your story has the power to influence others, to motivate and to encourage others. Don’t keep it to yourself.

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Reinvent Your Career by Redefining Leadership

Redefining Leadership through Creative Followership

Creative Followership is a better approach to career advancement.  Jimmy Collins, retired president of Chick-fil-A, Inc, and the author of Creative Followership: In the Shadow of Greatness (and long-term blogger at says the creative follower seeks more responsibility and opportunities to express him or herself.  The creative follower is striving for effectiveness and to play a significant role in shaping the organization.

Creative Followership, according to Jimmy, is a different way to view the opportunities you might be overlooking to make a positive impact within your organization.

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Don't Get Buried Alive Before Your Next Public Speaking Presentation

Do you hate the idea of public speaking?

You're not alone. Public speaking is an activity that most individuals fear.

A recent poll has just revealed that more than half of us would willingly be buried alive than to deliver a presentation in front of an audience.

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STOP "Under-Esteem-ating" Yourself

"My voice is annoying." "I look fat on video." "I'm not a good public speaker."

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6 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

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Why it's time to update your Presentation skills

The learning process never stops. We learn new software programs, applications, and we regularly face challenges with varying technologies We add to our knowledge every day. However, some of the skills we learned long time ago do not require that we learn them again. Instead, these processes only require updating. Perhaps you are a good prospect for a new operating system update of your speaking skills.

You learned how to speak and present 20/30/40 years ago. You were taught to create an introduction, tell the audience the three points you will be making, make your three points, and conclude with a recap of your three points. This basic framework of a presentation has stuck with you. Then you learned how to make yourself appear enthusiastic, full of positivity, and very high-energy and enthusiastic. You developed a speaking voice, and you automatically switch to it when you stand before an audience.

If that describes the way you present, you may need to update your method because that model for public speaking may not be resonating with audiences in 2017.

Update Your Public Speaking Skills

The time has come for you not to learn a new public speaking skill but to update the skills and experience you already use. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Why would a listener be motivated to listen? What are you going to provide for them of value and how will can it be used?
Respect must be earned. You assume too much if you assume you deserve attention and respect because you have the microphone, a job title, and decades of experience. Center on the audience and their needs, not just the list of points the corporate office wants them to hear.

Be authentic. Ditch the presentation voice. The way motivational speakers presented years ago does not resonate now. I loved super high energy level of motivational speakers from the 70s and 80s. They mastered the resonance of their voice and the minute movements and gestures down to tips of their fingers. Yet anyone whose style is so highly buffed and polished it is more performance than personal will distract an audience, audiences today do not require you to burn too many calories.

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Executive presenters: That Well-Written Script will Hold You Back


Before your next presentation, consider this: what is the #1 obstacle that can hold you back from being your best in the spotlight or on point in the conference room? The answer? It's your script. (If you use it improperly.)

You can’t make a world-class presentation without one, but if you don’t know how to use a script, it can potentially hold you back and prevent you from delivering your best possible oral presentation.

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